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Pros And Cons Of Designing A Business Brand, Logo Or Website In-House And Using An Outsourcing Partner

Designing your business’ brands, logo or website has two options. The work could be done by your employees or an outsourced partner. Having the job done in-house means using your own staff to design the brand, the logo and the website of your business. Outsourcing involves getting a third party who’s not involved in your business to do the designing. There are pros and cons of both outsourcing and in house designing of a website, brand or logo. There is no one rule as to which is the best option. The circumstances of the business owner will determine the choice of whether to design in-house or outsource.

Similar to other projects, designing a business’ brand, logo or website can be a project too. When designing in house a business owner has more control than when outsourcing. The directives on what needs to be done can be given by the owner. The owner can see for themselves the exact progress of the process. In outsourcing, focus and attention is divided among the many clients waiting for their designs but this is not there when using employees. The project can therefore be done faster. Any changes that may need to be done in the brand, the logo or the websites can be done faster in house. External parties do not know much about the culture, values and policies of your business. If well-trained the owner will benefit from in-house expertise and talent. If the project is handled in-house there are no language barrier problems as they are probably sharing a language.

The labor costs incurred in maintaining in-house stuff to work on such a project are quite high. It may be difficult to get employees with the required skills set for such a project. Maintaining experts is very expensive especially for smaller businesses and startups. Once any of your employees leave, it is very expensive to train the new staff coming in. Learning and becoming perfect for the new staff takes time because of the learning curve effect.

The owner may spend less cash in outsourcing than having in-house stuff. With outsourcing, a business gets a wide range of skills in the project. The business owner cannot give directives on the project. The security of your personal data and confidential data is lost to the outsourced partner. The business’ culture and values are not known by the outsourcing partner. For the brand logo and the website to be operational, the required fees have to be paid on time.
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